La Goudrelle

In 1948, Lionel and Marie-Ella Gingras from St-Angèle-de-Monnoir bought a lot and a small building on Mont-Saint-Grégoire on the South shore of Montreal.

They restored the building to welcome friends and serve meals. Their Sugar Shack grew in popularity and was modified to receive more guests. Mr. and Mrs. Gingras changed the name of their establishment to LE BEAU-SITE Sugar Shack.

Years followed and they wanted to pass on their venture to their children. They presented the proposition to their seven children. The youngest, Laurent-Georges asked his brother Lucien if he would acquire the Sugar Shack with him. In 1961, the two brothers started in business. The small Sugar Shack of 75 places expanded and was transformed in an establishment with a seating capacity of 108 people.
Near the end of the sixties, both brothers had a new project in mind: to construct a mega Sugar Shack. The project took three years of planning and maturation. They purchased multiples lots but the lack of funding slowed their progress. After multiple presentations at different financial institutions, they finally found a private investor. They proceeded to draw up the initial plans of the present La Goudrelle Sugar Shack.  The financial conjuncture of the time forced them to proceed in stages. In spring 1970, La Goudrelle was inaugurated with a seating capacity of 300 people.  The initial plan took six years…

In 1976, the 800 people dance hall was constructed and also the sugar water boiler.  Both brothers had a new project in mind with the cumulating successes of La Goudrelle. They demolished Beau-Site Sugar Shack and reconstructed from the ground up. The last phase of Beau-Site Sugar Shack materialized in 1980 with a seating capacity of 400 people. The increasing demands pushed our two businessmen to proceed towards an addition of three dining-rooms appended to the main building in 1978 and 1980.  Now, La Goudrelle had five dining-rooms with a seating capacity of 1000 people.

The Gingras family made Mont-Saint-Grégoire a household name; the family successes brought other Sugar Shacks to the region. In 1980, an investor wanted to build a replica of La Goudrelle. He approached M. Gingras for his expertise. The project was realized in Granby. The Caisse Populaire seized the establishment because of high interests and difficult financial times of the period. In 1987, M. Gingras was again contacted but this time, he purchased La Grillade.

In 1985, M. Lucien Gingras decided to retire. Laurent-Georges Gingras asked his three sons to join the enterprise with him and his spouse.  Since then and to this day, the Gingras family has innovated and maintained the traditions.
The popularity of the traditional meal of Maple sugar time has drawn and continues to draw people from all over to Mont-Saint-Grégoire. Young and old know the name « LA GOUDRELLE ».