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Schedule of the Sugar shack season

2019 Schedule

La Goudrelle will be pre-open February 23 and 24

and from the March 1st to April 28


Off season, you plan an event?
We are available to organize them.
We can make your rally a success!
For more information, please contact us.

Here is our sugar shack menu served at your table

Sugar shack menu

Fresh bread - Cheese head

Appetizers - Homemade Cabbage Salad

Pea Soups - Traditional Ham

Smoked Ham - Maple Sausage

Baked beans - Pan-fried omelette

Roasted Potatoes - Grilled Bacon

Crêpes soufflées - Tartelettes with sugar

Homemade donuts - pure maple syrup

Tea - coffee - milk 2% - Maple taffy on snow

Meal Schedule

Sunday from 10:30am to 7pm

Monday from 11am to 2pm

Tuesday from 11am to 2pm

Wednesday from 11am to 7pm

Thursday from 11am to 7pm

Friday from 11am to 8pm

Saturday from 11am to 8pm

Opening hours

Sunday from 10am to 9pm

Monday from 10am to 3pm

Tuesday from 10am to 3pm

Wednesday from 10am to 9pm

Thursday from 10am to 9pm

Friday from 10am to 10pm

Saturday from 10am to 11pm


LA GOUDRELLE offers very competitive prices. Alone or in groups, you will benefit from the reception of a devoted team and doing everything possible to allow you to enjoy ... a beautiful day ... to the hut!
Before taxes With taxes
0 à 1 years old Free *
2 to 5 years old  $ 6.09 $ 7,00
6 to 12 years old $ 10.44 $ 12.00
13 years old and over, with student ID card.  Rebate, $3 off the regular price.
13 years old and over
From Monday to Friday $ 19,13 $ 22,00
Saturday and Sunday $ 21,74 $ 25,00
* The free child must be with an adult at the regular price. Maximum of 2 children per adult.
Other children (1 and under) will be charged at $ 4.35 + taxes
Methods of payment: money - company check - Visa Master Card - debit card
For groups of more than 30 people, please call 450.460.2131
Are you a student aged 16 or over or of the Golden Age over 65?
Mention it, you will be entitled to a $ 3.00 rebate on a regular price entry.(Card on request).

For outdoor activities, depending on temperature,

Dress warmly and wear boots. Expect snow and mud.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.